SonicBand™ Bluetooth Music Headband DOWNSELL

SonicBand™ Bluetooth Music Headband DOWNSELL

SonicBand™ Bluetooth Music Headband DOWNSELL

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"I sleep like a baby ever since I got this! It doesn't bother my husband so I can comfortably listen to whatever I want in bed. It's a life changer" - Karen M.


Regular earphones are simply not comfortable enough to wear all night long. The hard plastic material causes pressure on your ears and they easily slip out as you're falling asleep.

The SonicBand™ enhances the comfort of your music-listening experience. Our music headphones are guaranteed to stay put while providing long-wearing comfort

The Bluetooth headphones are encased in a soft headband allowing you to listen to music in complete comfort. The fabric acts as an ear warmer during cold weather months and doubles as a sweatband during workouts and various physical activities.

Great for running, cross-training, yoga, meditation, insomnia, air travel, the gym, and so much more! SonicBand™ is the perfect device for winter sports and outdoor fitness.

SonicBand™ Benefits:

  • Block out noise without uncomfortable and falling out earplugs
  • Blocks out snoring and outside noise
  • Fall asleep faster the natural way
  • Helps combat insomnia
  • Great for in-bed listening
  • Designed with side-sleepers in mind
  • Easy to sync and use
  • Works well for playing all types of music, audiobooks, meditation soundtracks, white noise, ASMR etc.

SonicBand™ Features:

  •  Easily pairs with smartphones and other Bluetooth devices
  •  Wireless, doesn't restrict movement
  •  Comfortable, breathable and elastic fabric 
  •  Made of polyester and spandex material
  •  Up to 12 hrs of playing time, lasts all night long
  •  High-quality headphones with a crisp, responsive sound
  •  Integrated hands-free microphone for taking calls
  •  Machine washable
  •  One size fits all
  •  Unisex

Bluetooth 5.0 Tech:

With a 3-button control panel, the SonicBand™ easily plays songs, controls the volume and enables hands-free calling. The upgraded high-performance stereo loudspeakers offer up to 110DB HD stereo sound. It provides 33-65 feet of wireless range and comes with an in-built rechargeable battery so you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does it last after one charging?
A. The SonicBand™ has between 10-12 hrs of play time after each charge.

Q. Is it good to wear with eyeglasses?
A. Yes! Our music headband is specifically designed to provide you with the upmost listening comfort. It is perfect for eyeglass wearers as it glides over the rim of your glasses and stays put without applying extra pressure. 

Q. Can this headband be paired with any device?
A. The SonicBand™ easily pairs with all Bluetooth devices including Android, iPhone, Smart TV, Tablet, Smart Watch, etc.

Q. Does it work well with listening to ASMR?
A. Absolutely! The SonicBand™ is designed to provide you with the highest quality listening experience and as such, it delivers a crisp and clear sound for all types of audio.

Q. Will it still fit me?
A. Our music headband stretches to accommodate all head shapes and sizes.


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