SlingPuck™ Wooden Hockey Game

SlingPuck™ Wooden Hockey Game

SlingPuck™ Wooden Hockey Game

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"The BEST holiday game around! Both the grandparents and the kids loved it!" - Jess L.


How Does It Work?

  • Each player takes 5 pucks on his side
  • To start a round, players count to 3 and go!
  • Players start shooting the pucks simultaneously
  • Pass the pucks only through the gate of the board
  • The first player to pass all the pucks wins the round

Perfect Game for the Whole Family

Children will forget their screens and electronic devices with this addictive board game.

Great as a Christmas/ Birthday Gift for Children

Forget old games and let your kid play all day long with his new best friend.

Create a Bonding Experience

Play this game with your sons and daughters to bring you closer together through fun.

Forget Screens and Start Playing

A great way for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren without screens.

What our Customers Say

Number of Players: 2
Suitable for: Ages 4 and up
Game sizes: Small - 35cm/13.7in, Large - 54cm/21.2in


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